How to Run a Marathon
Hard Workouts Part 2
First Hard run.

The Base Training Phase is now over.  In the workout phase, we introduce harder workouts a couple times a week, depending on the fitness level. 

This workout is geared for slower runners. It may seem backward  and counter-intuitive, but slower runners are usually working harder than faster runners. This can be for a variety of factors, such as fitness level,  weight, or oxygen uptake levels. For whatever reason, our approach to the hard workouts is markedly different. First off we must acknowledge that most workouts still may seem hard. We also must be aware there are many different levels of capabilities even within a given level.
This is why a one size fits all approach is difficult.

This is why we will break these workouts into different categories.

1, Experienced runners. 

Follow the mileage on the chart. (Click here to see the approach to the run)

2. Run /Walkers 
Follow the mileage on the chart.(Click Here for your workout)
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