How to Run a Marathon

Morning Run

The Morning run is for runners that are trying to add mileage to their regime. This is a different type of run from runners that simply working out in the morning. This run is additional run to the primary workout that occurs later in the afternoon or early evening. The benefits to this second run of the day are enormous. The run is meant to be done at such an easy pace there is virtually zero risk of adding stress to the body. In fact, if done properly this run can reduce the incident of injuries. This is accomplished by loosening the tired muscles from the day before. It helps get rid of the toxins and at the same time will bring fresh nutrients and oxygen to the cells.This run will allow you to be more efficient in the later in the day. 

The one overriding rule to this run is to run easy!!!!! 

The run is essentially a warm-up followed by a cool down. There is no need to "workout" on the run. I would suggest that after the warm-up portion, to take a few minute break and do light stretching or yoga. After stretching the object, is to run as relaxed as possible. Even though, it is an easy run make sure you properly cool down the last half mile. A proper cool down is a good habit to develop and should be used for all workouts.

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