How to Run a Marathon
Running Efficiently



Running Efficiently



Successful running is all about being efficient as possible. This does not mean as much for the beginning or average runner. However, as you get better, efficiency will become a crucial aspect of running. The more efficient you are the less energy you use. The extra energy allows you to run faster and for longer periods of time. By perfecting the below steps, it will be possible to knock at least 10 percent off your time.

For example, if you run a five-hour marathon pace, you will be able easily to take at least 30 minutes off your time without running harder. People that run a four-hour marathon can knock about 24 minutes off their time. Some of the tips do take concentration while others are as easy as tying your shoe, and they all add up to getting you across the finish line in a shorter amount of time without expending any extra energy.



Tying your shoes

Run the tangents

Running Downhill

Running uphill

Body tempature


Belly Breathing

Run with your arms.


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