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Welcome to the most comprehensive site on the internet for marathon training. Our aim is to offer premiere specialized instruction and training for runners of all levels. On this site, you will learn to:


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You may be planning on running only one marathon or you may want to become a champion marathoner. Either way, there are many stages of preparation necessary. Accordingly, this site is not designed to be read all in one sitting. Those who want to sprint ahead, however, should go to  
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Always remember: Successful running isn't about training hard, it's about training smart.

Runners using any training system, including this one, run the risk of injury. Many injuries are a result of either Biomechanical issues and/or overtraining. Therefore this system will not entirely prevent the chance of injury.  It is also advisable for new and/or overweight runners to consult their trusted health professional before beginning any long-distance running training program

Marathon running, Time to run a marathon. Every journey in life begins with a first step, and what follows is my recommended steps to run a marathon. These steps are the building blocks needed to run a marathon not only successfully, but enjoyably as well. There are many schools of thought on how to train for a marathon. In my 35 years of experience I have found certain programs that, while they may be helpful to get the runners to the cross the marathon finish line, they make the training so time consuming and arduous that few people want to go through the experience again. That isn't to say that there isn't hard work involved. in the method presented here. There certainly is. But I believe the journey to be as important as the final goal. In my method there will never be, for example, training runs of over 18 miles, because those are a waste of effort. Successful running is about being efficient. It is much better to be able to run 10 miles well than 20 miles poorly. . This site is comprehensive for runners of all levels. Many of the concepts on this website can also be used for runners who are training for 5ks or 10ks. More importantly, the Base Training portion is the prerequisite training for long distance runners for pre-season track or cross-country. (As mentioned elsewhere, for those that want to just jump into the training program Running a marathon for most people is the greatest physical challenge they voluntarily take on in their life. I believe the mental challenge one endures is equally, if not more, taxing than the physical. Thus, this site will also prepare you for the mental and emotional side of marathons, and so it is important to understand the reasoning behind the different workouts. Proper training for a marathon is not an overnight endeavor. Your buildup should be slow and steady so that injuries can be avoided. One of the goals of this site is to take you beyond the physical aspects of running. Running is so much more than being able to run faster or further. When done properly, running can add to your spiritual and mental well-being. Humans were made to run. It is who we are. If you are fresh off the couch yet want to run a marathon in only three weeks instead of a more logical 5 months or more, this site is not for you. Running a marathon is ambitious even for experienced athletes. If then sooner or later injuries will surface. If you do not have a running or an athletic background, please be consult your doctor to make sure that you are in good health before you race. finish a marathon, the answer is a very strong YES! Over 92 percent of people who start a marathon will finish no matter what their level of training. For the dedicated people who . Please go to First Step to start your journey. Different marathon training techniques. The best marathon training posssible. different running techniques from running slow to running fast, while learning how to run a marathon is a very fast time, also how to enjoy running a marathon. it is important to know how to train for a marathon and this is done through proper marathon training. We think this is one of the best marathon training systems out there. learn how to run easy, also learn how to run efficently. running should be easy, Keep running for fu and learn how to run your long runs easy, there are different marathon training schedules which mirror different running schedules. this site does not cop any of Jeff Galloways Marathon training, in fact this marathon training is completly different. we help you train for the Boston Marathon, the New York marathon, Marine core marathon, los angeles marathon and any other marathon you can think of.One of the tricks to running a successful marathon isn't how quickly you can run at the beginning, but to run at a pace that is sustainable. During a workout it’s imperative that you are always very aware of how just hard you are training. After the completion of a normal mid-week run, if you are still breathing hard several minutes after you're finished and are asking yourself if you can even contemplate repeating that run tomorrow… then you are running way too hard. The object is not to try and break your previous time each and every time you run. Here’s an example: I normally do a 5k run in the mornings. I do not even glance at the clock. If I am two minutes slower than the day before, who cares? What’s important is that I get out and run the time or distance I planned. It is imperative that you DO NOT make the mistake of saying, "If I miss one day of the workout I’ll just run harder the next day to make up for it". Why? That's how you get injured. Remember, Run smart, not hard! Many runners simply train way too hard. As a society,we have been programmed in the philosphy, NO PAIN, NO GAIN. This may be counter intuitive for many people, but most running should be easy and relaxed. In my estimation at least 80 to 90 percent of running should be at an easy or moderate pace. So how do you know if you are one of those runners that are running to hard? Easy, take your pulse 2 minutes after your run. If it is still over 100 beats per minute the your are running harder then necessary. More marathon training, better marathon training. marathon workouts,

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