“How to Run a Marathon” is a comprehensive free website dedicated to helping individuals train for a marathon. The site covers every aspect of marathon training, beginning with foundational information to improve one’s overall fitness. It then provides various workouts to enhance both speed and strength. The website offers detailed information about what to expect during the marathon race and provides a step-by-step guide for the day of the marathon. It also includes marathon training charts for every level of runner. Additionally, the website provides valuable information on every aspect of marathon training, enabling runners to customize a unique training program that is right for them. The site is designed for all runners, from those who wish to qualify for the Boston Marathon to those attempting the marathon for the first time. The website also includes tips that Elite runners can use to enhance their performance.



(for free)

  • How to set Goals and sub-goals for a marathon.
  • How to create plans to help you achieve your goals.
  • Marathon Programs for every skill level.
  • Weekly training charts
  • Information on how to become an efficient runner.
  • How to properly incorporate the Long Run into your marathon training.
  • How to Taper before your marathon
  • Extensive information on what to expect on the day of the marathon.
  • Insights and tactics for the marathon
  • How to recover both Physically and Mentally from your marathon.
  • The Magic Formula for all Long Distance running!

Run Smart .... Not Hard

Every individual is unique. They have varying levels of experience, fitness, and time they can commit to working out. Moreover, the type of workout that suits them will depend upon their running skills, whether they are a novice, intermediate, advanced, or elite runner. Many sites offer a one-size-fits-all solution for their marathon training systems, which does not work for most people. In contrast, we will help you define your goals and create a customized marathon training system to meet your specific needs and schedule.

Our Goals

Our aim is to help you establish a system that will prepare you to run a marathon with confidence at the end of your training period. Moreover, we strive to equip you with additional tools that can enhance your life beyond running. We have been providing online coaching to runners worldwide for more than a decade, and every first-time marathon runner who has completed our program has managed to finish the race. Similarly, experienced runners who have previously completed a marathon and finish our 6-month program can usually reduce their time by 15-30 minutes.

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