How to Run a Marathon
Workout Training  for Run /Walkers

Workout Type 1

In the Base Training, the most efficient way to cover the distance is to run easy but walk hard. Over the past ten weeks, we have been increasing The Base,  especially the endurance portion of the triangle. In this workout, we will be switching gears. Instead of running easy, we will be running hard but walking easy or jogging easy. This helps both your  strength and speed.  It is best to pick a run that you have done before. For those that only run, the goal is to pick  up the pace from a harder, unsustainable pace to a recovery pace.

For the first 15 minutes, do what you normally do at the beginning of a workout. Runners, no matter what level one is at one should always have a proper warm up. Just because it is a hard day doesn't mean you aren't running easy for a good portion of the workout.

  After the warm-up is finished, we will start the true workout phase. Again, instead of running easy and walking hard, we will be running hard and walking easy. The object is to run a hard sustainable pace. It doesn't matter if you are running only 200 meters or 2000 meters, the pace should be consistent from the  beginning to the end.  The distance  will vary from person to person.  If you are running on the road, try to have a goal point to where you would like to end the run. Once you get arrive at your goal, you should then go into a VERY easy walk. The walk should equal to the distance of the run. Now do not run too hard! It is easy to overdo it. If you come to the end of the run portion and you have to stop entirely to catch your breath, then you are running too hard.  Keep repeating these intervals until you get about 15 minutes of solid running. Afterward, it is important to do what is known as a cool down. Start with an easy walk then if you still have the energy go back into the very easy run. If you have to walk again, this walk should be easy. 

Now I am more concerned about people running too hard vs. Running too easy. Simply running harder than you normally do,  your body is reaping the benefits. If it at any point, you are getting light headed then it time to back off. For some people, even after base training any running is still hard. In this case, skip this workout and go to Workout type 2 where the workout consists of easy running and easy walking.

Workout Type 2 
In this workout, our goal is to extend the time you spend running.  In the base training phase, the motto is to walk hard and run easy.  For those that are running then, the goal is to run at a slightly higher pace or tempo. ( These runs also known as tempo runs)

In workout one, the goal is to run harder for shorter distances. In this workout, you are running easier, but for longer distances.  Longer than what you are used to.

The object is to cover ground, but not to overextend oneself in the running portion of the workout. For example, if you have a walk run ratio of 4 minutes of running followed by one minute of walking then increase the running time by another minute or two.

In this case, we are going to running easy, but for greater and greater distances. With this method, some people may now find they can run the entire distance of the workout.  This is great if it happens, but  it should not be the main goal. When you do get tired, it is time to walk. Unlike the base training, this walk should be very easy so you can recover. Once you have FULLY recovered, you will start your next extended run. Please note that this workout differs from workout one. Time your workout, so the last 10 minutes is the cool down phase. Everything should be at a very easy pace.
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