Easy Run

The day after the Long run is always the easiest run of the week. It is also one of the week’s most important runs. The only goal is to facilitate the recovery from the Long run. If you are stiff, then start out at a walking pace until you can shuffle into a jog. For those in the 5 hour plus range if you are too sore then it is advisable to walk the entire distance. After you have loosened up, keep the pace very easy until it is time to cool down. This run will help the bodies healing process from the Long Run. The inflow of fresh blood and oxygen helps the muscles heal faster. Over the course of the training program, ┬áthis will help prevent injury. The pace of this run should never exceed the pace of the long run. For reference, all runs in the Base training phase are at an easy pace. This run should be even easier. If there are time constraints on this day, then try and least walk for a full 15 minutes. ┬áTry and get this walk or run in the morning as it will jump start the recovery from the day before.

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