This page provides links to the First 10 or 14 weeks of training for each level of runner. Schedules are based on a 5-month or 6-month program. For advance runners there are multiple schedules to choose from, based on the different capabilities within each class. To avoid unnecessary injuries, do not move up a level or two just because you think you’re ahead of the pack.

Pone should not be a slave to a schedule. If you need Tuesday off instead of Friday then that’s  okay. If you can only make the long runs on Saturday and not on Sunday then adjust the schedule as you see fit. This is your workout. Be flexible!

More importantly, if you are under the weather or if your body seems to be breaking down, then back off. Throw in a few more rest days and few more easy days. It is better to be 75% fit and 100% injury-free as opposed to 100% fit and injured.

Not everyone’s schedule will fit into a neat 20-week package. For example, if you only have 16 weeks, then just do base training for 10 weeks and the workout phase for 6. If you have 24 weeks, simply add more weeks to the Base training phase. This means you run 14 weeks of Base training and the same ten weeks in the workout phase.

It is very important to remember, in the base training phase, Most  runs are at an easy pace!

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