This page provides unique  Base Training charts for every level of runner. Marathon Training Schedules are based on a 5-month or 6-month programs. There are multiple plans to choose from, based on the different capabilities within each class.

Many people are used to and prefer mileage based charts. However, it is encouraged to try Time Based charts instead as it eliminates the the human tendency to attempt to beat the previous workouts time.

 Because of the variance of pace, only Time Based charts are offered for those over 5 hours

Not everyone’s schedule will fit into a neat 20-week package. For example, if there are only have 16 weeks left before the marathon, then keep the base training at 10 weeks and the workout phase for 6. If you have more than 6 months before your marathon, simply add more weeks to the Base training schedule but keep the workout phase to 10 weeks.

Workouts marked in red are hard.

There is no need to make the future marathon the sole focus of all your running. We  encourage runners to add  5 or 10k race in every few weeks to mix things up. If this isn’t your cup of tea then add a timed 12 minute run every other week.

It is very important to remember, in the base training phase, Most  runs are at an easy pace!  Remember the 80/20 rule. Only 20 Percent of the runs should ever stray into the hard range.

For more information on  details and tips on how Base training works and the best way to approach these workouts, please follow this link…Base Training

(Please note, This site is in the middle of a complete overhaul….There are missing links within the charts that will fixed soon.)


Base Training Charts for Runners over 5 hours

Base Training Charts for Runners under 5 hours

Base Training Charts for Runners under 4 hours

Base Training Charts for Runners under 3 hours

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