Runners can expect to drop around five to ten percent off their time every six months of training. What if instead of six months of training you could run faster by learning a few tips and running more efficiently?

Successful running is about Running efficient as possible.  The more efficient you are the less energy that is consumed. This extra energy will allow you to run faster and for longer periods of time. By perfecting the below steps, it is possible to knock almost ten percent or more off your time.

Tying Running Shoes; By tying your shoes correctly you can  time off your marathon race.

Belly Breathing;  This allows the body to process more oxygen without using more energy.

Running the Tangents; This technique help you find the shortest legal distance, which can knock minutes off your time.

Running  Downhill; Proper downhill form allows you to cover more ground without fatiguing your legs.

Running uphill; Learn the different approaches to training and racing when going uphills.

 Body Temperature; Too much heat or cold can adversely affect your time and even put your health in peril. This page goes into detail on how to combat cold, Heat exhaustion and Hyponatremia.

Running with your arms;  Proper use of your arms can help with efficiency. This may the most important page for both preventing injury and shaving off time simply by understanding the mechanics of using your arms properly.

Running efficiently allows the body to relax more. The more relaxed your running is the more efficient you are. This is a positive for both your body and your mind.

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